Gold medal in underwater photograpy

Lions mane jelly fishGOLD: The annual Norwegian Championship in Underwater photography was held in Farsund 1-4 September. All participants was allowed four dives to shoot one selected image for each of the five categories - no editing allowed. I was very pleased to win the overall gold medal, with all my five images ranged in top 3. Congrats to Kristian Blø Olsen with the silver medal and Bjørnar Nygård who got the bronze - and thanks everyone for a great competition.







 These are my five images submitted to the jury:


A big thank you to Farsund Undervannsklubb who did a FANTASTIC job organizing the championship! And also to the awesome "Triggerfish", as a great tool to get the shot I wanted...: )

More about the results of the championship on the web site of the Norwegian dive magazine Dykking and The Norwegian diving federation. Foto: Helge Veum.

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